Sick of signing in when you get to your Local Headquarters?

We want to make it easier for you!

We’re looking at adding additional functionality to the BART system, which will help automate ‘check-in’ when entering your brigade, station, unit, building or shed.

If you find the process of signing in when you’re on duty, attending a meeting or training session tiresome, we want to hear from you!

We’re looking for your feedback and ideas:

  • What’s the most time-consuming part of checking-in at your local headquarters?
  • Do you have any ideas that could make the process faster and easier
  • Would it help you and your team to know exactly who is in the building at any given time?
  • Would it help if your incident attendance was automatically registered when you enter your LHQ?

We’re aiming for a result that will:

  • Automate the way you sign into your local headquarters
  • Record attendance at LHQ, and provide an easy way to generate reports
  • Save you time and effort

Tell us what you think

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