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BART Team App on Apple Smartphone

BART has been designed to help emergency services personnel and volunteers respond faster, communicate better and work smarter within their communities.

The system’s key purpose is to assist with incident turnouts using current technologies, enabling real-time communication. It is an integrated mobile app and web-based incident turnout system that offers significantly improved situational awareness over other traditional methods of communications.

BART’s handy for those who need to work together closely in teams – despite differences in location.


Smartphones & Tablets

The Team App is the primary module for members who are not based at headquarters. The smart device app offers an easy way for them to view additional alert information, interact with their team and quickly communicate their turnout abilities.

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 Web-Based Application

This module is used to access and administer members, groups, messages, locations, qualifications, permissions and broadcasts. It’s a web-based application that can be accessed via a web browser and internet connection.

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 Web-Based Application

The Dashboard is used to manage both brigade and multi-brigade incidents, and is commonly setup on a large screen within headquarters to maximise visibility for situational awareness. When individuals arrive at the station, they no longer need to look at their smartphones for real-time updates.

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 Web-Based Application

The Turnout dashboard enables the collection and control of Area, District and Regional level information via a web-based application. It provides a high-level overview of all broadcasts to help area, regional and zone-level management maintain awareness and control.

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