BART Members

The BART Members area has been completely overhauled, offering a fresh new interface and plenty of new features designed to make your life easier.













Members Home

Your new homepage gives you an overview of what’s going on in your group. Offering a range of useful information to keep you in the loop, our stats and graphs make it easy to see what’s going on at a glance.

  • Total turnouts, for the:
    • Week
    • Month
    • Year
  • Number of members available
    • Including numbers for your chosen 3 qualifications
  • Number of incidents that are currently open
  • Top turnout members for the month
  • Your latest feeds
    • Broadcasts
    • Discussions
    • Events
  • List of members and their availability
  • Graphs showing your statistics
    • Turnout counts
    • Average arrival times (to the incident)
    • Average arrival times (to headquarters)


All communication streams; one central location.

  • See a list of incidents and broadcasts, along with:
    • Who the message went out to
    • The message
    • Location
    • The incident type
    • Reference
    • Attachments
    • The number of responses to the incident (attending, other, not attending, total)
    • The time the incident was sent out
    • The time the incident was completed (where applicable)
  • View all the latest discussions:
    • Who the discussion went out to
    • The type of discussion (team or group)
    • The last message that was sent out
    • The number of unread messages
  • View a list of all global messages















A shiny new module!

Designed to help you keep track of everything that’s going on within your brigade, group or unit.

From meetings and training sessions, to fundraisers and social events – you can create, share and attend all types of events from within the Events Calendar.














View the availability of all team members and update your own availability from within the BART Members area.

If you’re an administrator, you can even update the availability of those in your team.


We’ve overhauled the documents area to make it simpler to use.

In this area we’ve listed the existing folders for each group, with the option of expanding each of the folders to see the documents contained within.

Create and delete folders or documents.


Previously only available within the BART Team app, Teams can now be created and managed directly through the BART Members area.

Simply choose the group for which you would like to create a team for, then start adding members instantly through the interface.

My Groups

Manage your groups and make requests from the one central location. View a list of all the groups you have available, and choose whether they are to be enabled or set as default.


The administration pages allow administrators to manage all areas of the BART system:

  • Districts
    • Create, edit and delete districts for specific zones
    • Add administrators to help manage specific districts
  • Groups
    • Create, edit and delete groups for specific districts
    • Manage details for each group ie.:
      • Name
      • Type
      • Location
      • Time Zone
      • Channel
      • SMS credits
      • Top 3 qualifications
    • Manage the Broadcast tags associated with that group
    • Manage the resources associated with that group
    • Manage the map markers associated with that group
    • Manage the filters associated with that group
    • Manage the districts associated with that group
  • Members
    • Add, create, delete and manage members
    • Manage member licenses
    • Manage member requests
    • Import members with the new ‘bulk upload’ facility
  • Broadcast Tags
    • Add, create, delete and manage broadcast tags
  • Markers
    • Create, import, delete and manage map markers for your groups
  • Resources
    • Create and delete resources for your groups
  • Filters
    • Add and delete filters for your groups
  • SMS
    • Purchase SMS credits for your members on a:
      • User level
      • Group level
      • Regional level













My Profile

Update all your personal information within the ‘My Profile’ area:

  • General information
  • Manage your avatar
  • Change your password
  • Manage your BART tones (standard and alert)
  • Test your device (backup and primary)


Manage your subscriptions for individuals, groups and regions.