Not receiving notifications?

Try this ‘step by step’ guide

Do you have an Oppo Phone? You might find this guide helpful

Step 01:

Send a test notification

To work out whether the problem is due to your BART settings or if there’s an issue with your device, the first step is to send a test notification.

This can be done through the Members area or the BART Team App:

Members area
Go to the ‘My Profile’ item in the main menu:

Then click on the ‘Devices’ tab:

You will see a text field area where you can enter in your own custom test message. Choose whether you would like the notification to be an alert or not and click on the ‘Test Backup’ or ‘Test Primary’ button.

Your test notification should be visible in your broadcast list straight away.

BART Team App

Navigate to the ‘Settings’ screen in the main menu and scroll down to the ‘Test Notification’ option:

Before tapping on the ‘Test Notification’ button, get ready to press your smartphone’s ‘Home’ button straight away. This will enable a popup push notification to appear on your smartphone (only appears when you’re outside the BART Team App), along with your chosen notification tone.

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Step 02:

Check your Volume

You may not hear a tone if the volume is turned down for notifications:

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Step 03:

Reinstall the BART Team App

Try deleting the BART Team App from your device, and reinstalling it.

Please Note: If there’s a chance you don’t remember your password, reset your password before uninstalling BART by going into settings and selecting ‘Reset Password’.

Apple iOS:
1. From the home screen, tap and hold the BART icon until it starts to jiggle
2. Tap X, then Delete
3. Restart your iOS device
4. Download BART from the App Store

1. Open the Play Store
2. Search for BART, choose it, then tap Uninstall
3. Restart your Android device
4. Download BART from the Play Store

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Step 04:

Enable Notifications

If you’re not having any luck with the above steps, you will want to make sure that notifications have been enabled for the BART Team App.

Go into ‘settings’, select the ‘General’ tab and then the ‘Application manager’ option


Select ‘BART’ from the list of applications and ensure the ‘Show notifications’ option has been ticked


Step 05:

Enable Mobile Data

The next step in troubleshooting your notifications is to ensure that your mobile data is turned on, and working correctly.

Go to your ‘Connections’ tab in settings and select ‘Data Usage’


In the data usage screen tap on the devices ‘options’ button (usually the right button next to the home button)

Ensure ‘Auto Sync data’ is TICKED and ‘Restrict background data’ is UN-TICKED


Ensure that BART is using data, and that ‘Restrict background data’ is UN-TICKED under Mobile and Wi-Fi


Step 06:

Reset your app preferences

Go back to your ‘General’ tab on the settings page


Tap on the devices ‘options’ button (usually the right button next to the home button)

Tap the ‘reset app preferences’ option


Also please note: Forcibly removing the BART app from memory (swiping it away) may also destroy its push notification service and will not function again until you open the BART app again. (this is not the case for iPhones or the latest Android operating system). This may be contributing to the not receiving notification’s problem.  BART should be in smart phone memory all the time.