BART Team Planner

Roster your team members with the new BART ‘Team Planner’

The new BART Team Planner is now in development, which will offer a range of rostering options for you and your team. Working seamlessly with the ‘Availability’ functionality, you’ll be able to administer the rosters of people and resources within multiple groups – all from the one place.

The new Team Planner will also work alongside the new headquarters check-in facility, providing new ways to plan and administer your teams and resources.

Key Features

  • Roster any member or appliance to any team within your group
  • Roster on for a day, part of a day or date range
  • Add comments
  • Assign a shift type (day/ night/ campaign etc.)
  • Export your roster with a range of options
  • Set your Crew Leader, 2IC and Log Keeper
  • Create and set templates for any type of shift or period of time
  • Maintain full transparency of resources

Look out for more information coming soon!