Smart TV Dashboard

Enjoy a slimline BART Dashboard experience, which has been specifically designed for any smart television or Chromecast-enabled screen.

As you don’t generally have a keyboard and mouse connected to your telly, we’ve optimised the SmartTV Dashboard for operation with a basic remote control.

If not keen on using a smart television, no problem! We still support Raspberry Pi access so you can use the Dashboard the same way as you always have – this is just an extra option.

What if I don’t have a SmartTV?

If you have a non-smart TV that can’t download applications, you can still run your Group Dashboard TV app by purchasing a ‘Chrome Cast’ unit for around $60. This is the unit we recommend

All you’ll need is the Chrome Cast, any television or screen with an HDMI input, and an internet connection.

For more information on setting up the Android Smart TV BART Dashboard, please visit our Knowledge Base:

Setting up the Smart TV Dashboard app