Using BART on a larger scale brings many advantages for both individuals and management.


Cost Effective

When signing up 75 or more members, the price per member drops to $15 per year Inc. GST.


Better situational awareness

Management can utilise the Dashboard, Turnout and RAMP modules to get a clearer view of the bigger picture (all modules are included within your yearly subscription):

  • Supervise all your brigades within your region
  • View the location of all appliances
  • View single or multiple incident location/s
  • Complete interoperability between brigades, groups and units
  • Planning mode for large-scale incidents for better preparedness
  • Advanced map points for incident coverage, resource locations (like water points, air fields and communication towers) and other points of interest like road blocks


Total Control

Administer all brigades, groups or units within your zone, district or group.

Interested in Zone, District or Group Membership?

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