Powerpoint Resources

If you would like to explain the BART system to your team or management, you can download some of our support material below:

PowerPoint Training Guides

BART User Training Guide

BART Operations Guide

BART Administrator Guide

Customer Presentations

BART Overview – with audio (pptx 19 MB)

BART Overview Summary (pptx 20 MB)

BART Detailed Overview (pptx 29 MB)

BART Overview NSW (pptx 22 MB)

BART use in Onkaparinga SA (pptx 7.3 MB)

BART at Macarthur NSW (pptx 6 MB)

BART Team App Walkthrough (pptx 4 MB)

Tablet App Walkthrough (pptx 5 MB)

Dashboard Walkthrough (pptx 1 MB)

TurnoutWalkthrough (pptx 4 MB)

Please Note: opening PowerPoint presentations within a browser may affect the formatting. We suggest downloading them onto your computer prior to opening

Quick Guides

Help! I forgot my password

How can I auto-print from the BART Dashboard?

I’m not receiving notifications – what do I do?

How do I Broadcast a Message Without a Smartphone

If you have a specific question regarding BART or any of its functionality, please visit the Help Centre.