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The Dashboard

Web-based Application

Situational awareness is the key to effective emergency management. The BART dashboard provides for a Geo-enabled common operating picture, which empowers users to make the best decisions at the right times.

Real-time visibility of incidents, teams and resources allows for accurate situational intelligence of any emergency situation.


The Dashboard provides and overall view of the brigade, unit or group as well as functionality relating to the management of the brigade, unit or group during an incident.

It provides a view of members responding to an incident with their ETAs, availability, incident location on the map, route to the incident, satellite view as well as the street view of the incident location, satellite weather view, vehicles deployed, a printed map ready to take, voice reading out the message, etc.

In addition, the operator at the station can record attendance on behalf of members as well as set availability.


Gives you an overview of all incidents and alerts, response unit routing, distance between headquarters and incident, estimated time of arrival and current weather feed.
Option to print all incidents and alerts as they come in. There’s also a manual print option for printing only selected incidents and alerts.
Clearly displays the time that has elapsed since the incident or alert was first released.
Will read out the incident or alert message when it arrives, which can be replayed continuously by increasing the loop time in settings.
Displays a list of all incidents or alerts in real-time, as they come in.

Toggle between attendees, those who are available and the crew builder. This will give you a better idea of how many people you can expect to attend an incident, based on their set availability. If too many people are set as ‘not available’, arrangements can be made sooner rather than later.

View the estimated time of arrival for all attending members.

What do I need?

To use the BART Dashboard you need a computer or laptop with access to the internet, and a computer monitor or television screen. Many stations find that a wall mounted television monitor is the most effective setup, with some opting for multiple screens.

How do I set it up?

To setup the BART Dashboard, you need to open up a web browser on your computer or laptop (we recommend using Google Chrome). You can access the Dashboard via the link at the top of this page, or by following this link.

Login to the Dashboard using your regular BART account information and make sure your computer or laptop is connected to your chosen monitor.