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Your Data Source

We integrate with your data feeds to bring you realtime alerts – straight to your mobile device.

Stay on top of critical notifications, alerts, updates and other communications with push notifications, SMS, email and IVR.

BART integrates with your: Pager Network, CAD, Email, SMS, API

Attend, Decline, or Other

Share your attendance to help your people prepare for a quick and efficient response.

When logging your attendance, your estimated time of arrival to headquarters is calculated using your current location. Those managing the situation can use this information to plan and implement a fast and effective response.

Team Discussions

Create Teams within your group to have discussions, make comments, and share locations & photos.

Get notified whenever there is a new comment in the discussion, or mute discussions for a specific team. Authorised end-users can also assign incidents to a team via the Discussions module.

Broadcast Logs

Share comments, locations, and photos with your group on each broadcast message.

Broadcast comments are recorded for inclusion in the automated incident report. Comment authors and contributors are controlled through the granular permissions structure.

Member Check-in

Automatically check into your station, unit, or headquarters.

Using geo-location detection, you will be notified when you enter within a set radius around your headquarters and be prompted to ‘check-in’.

Estimated Time of Arrival

Automatically show your teammates how far away you are from headquarters.

Your ETA to headquarters is calculated when you tap ‘Attending’, based on current location and distance to headquarters whilst taking current traffic conditions into account.

Tracking and Location Sharing

Share your current location with your group and enable temporary tracking.

You can choose to share your location or enable tracking to let your group know exactly where you are.

Appliance membership accounts that can be used with a smart device installed in the response vehicle have automatic tracking enabled when leaving headquarters.