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Web-based Application

Devices: Web application
Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Explorer (IE 9 and above)

The BART Members area is the main control centre, where most of your administration tasks are completed. Both individuals and BART Administrators can access the Members area, however certain options are only available for those with higher permissions.


  • Test push notifications
  • Change your password
  • Join other brigades, units or groups
  • Pay for an individual subscription
  • Send messages (if enabled by your administrator)
  • View messages
  • View and change your personal details


BART Administrators have all the same functionality as individuals do, along with a number of other more advanced options.

  • Manage members accounts
  • Create Broadcast tags
  • Control which members can send and receive messages on each specific broadcast tag
  • Accept or reject member applications sent via the BART website, or requests to join your brigade, unit or group

What do I need?

To access the BART Members area, you’ll need a computer or laptop that has internet access.

How do I set it up?

To access the members area, you will need to open up a web browser on your computer or laptop (we recommend using Google Chrome). Simply follow the link at the top of this page, or click here.

You can log in using your regular BART account information.

For a guide explaining how to use the ‘BART Members’ area, please visit our ‘Help Centre’.


Each user within the BART System is given a permission type, which will determine what information you will be able to access and maintain in the BART Management Application. The BART System contains the following user permissions:

  • Standard User
  • Group Administrator
  • Global Administrator
The Live Feed Menu Item display’s a list of pager messages and is visible to users of all privileges. These messages are from the data feeds that you have been given access to.
The message list displays your messages, alerts and incidents in real-time, as they come in. Different feeds can contain a range of information that can include date and time, type of message (standard or alert), and map positions.
Use the quick search filters for specific results.

  • Time frame
  • Data feeds
  • Group
Easily search for specific alerts or messages.
Select the notification types for each data feed and each member. Choose between:

  • Access: members can view the feed with their SmartPhone App account
  • SMS: Receive notifications via SMS
  • SMS for alerts only
  • Email
  • Email for alerts only
  • App notifications: Receive push notifications
  • App notifications for alerts only
Control the data feed access, notification options, permission levels and general information for each user.
Control the data feed access, notification options, permission levels and general information for each group.