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Map Markers

All your key points of interest for a clear view of available resources.

Access all your organisation’s important locations within BART’s mapping module. Available on all platforms, your crew will be able to see what’s around them at all times.

Skills & Qualifications

Record each of your crew member qualifications to help match tasks with the most appropriate crew members.

Assign qualifications to your members with expiry dates to keep track of critical skill sets.

Appliance App

A specialised version of the BART Team app for responding appliances.

Log into the app with appliance membership credentials to access a response vehicle-specific interface. Appliances are automatically tracked and have a custom set of dedicated status buttons.


Dedicated platform providing a geo-enabled common operating picture.

Empower your operations and management crew to make the best decisions at the right times. Providing real-time visibility of incidents, teams, and resources for accurate situational intelligence of any emergency situation.


A high-level overview of all operations across your organisation.

Handling multiple brigades, units, and groups within the same simple interface. The Turnout platform gives you the ability to see real-time brigade, unit, and group responses, including vehicle deployment on the map.